Hi and welcome to Terabai Dot Com. I am a son, a husband and a father to a beautiful wife and daughter.

I have been blogging since 2007. But I stop around 2015 because i was busy with work, life and i could not cope with it. Just simply say, i was not good and managing my time.

But recently (2019), i think that i should be making a comeback to blogosphere. The main reasons behind it is that i am free most of the time and maybe because i am getting older i tend to ditch all those unnecessary activities that have no use to me and my family and know how to make most of my time to complete a task. Nowadays, i find myself not watching television except for Astro channel 321 if it is Kung-Fu movie. If not, i am just going to browse my phone, sitting down doing nothing and etc. That is after i done helping doing chores around the house.

Terabai.Com was once owned by me in the past. But after blogging on it for a while, i stop renewing the domain and let it expire. I do so at that time because i have other blog to attend to and this domain has serve it purpose for my experiment.

Most Malaysian would think that this domain TERABAI meaning is neglected. But it’s no. This domain is not pronounce as Ter-abai. It is actually pronounce as Te – Ra – Bai.

Terabai is actually a shield use by the Iban Warriors back in the head hunting days. It is made of wood and i think it is quite heavy and durable back in the days. Nowadays it is mostly used as house decoration and gifts. Below is the picture of a Terabai.

I do hope you have pleasant stay on this blog. If anything i can do for you, especially giving a shout out for charity, event or whatsoever happening in Sarawak, please do contact me through my contact form here.