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Full Blood Test And Going To The Doctor

Last few weeks, i have not been feeling well. But its not the simple sickness like coughing, flu, stomach ache and etc. I have been feeling numbness on my hand and feet. Last year on December 2020, I did do a full blood test including a few cancer marker. In average its looking good except for a few thing. So I decided to bring the result to the doctor eventhough the result is already two month old. Its better late than never right?Full Blood Test And Going To The Doctor

As you can see from the above result, you can see that there is something wrong with my red blood cell. This is maybe the main the reason why I feel the numbness on both my hand and feet. I also do feel fatigue sometimes. The main reason I think my red blood cell is low is because of malnutrition. On November 2020, I have colon constipation. I did not I had it until almost Christmas when I felt long and constant pain on my right back and at the same time I felt bloating. The first thing that I notice is that i can’t pass gas and I can’t defecating like I used to eventhough I felt like I had to but nothing came out. After I went to the doctor and took medicine for it, I started to feel ok. But now I started to feel the numbness. So my guess is malnutrition. But the doctor knows better.

Full Blood Test And Going To The DoctorFull Blood Test And Going To The Doctor

The above is the other bad result that I had. I was told by the doctor my result for Liver and Cholesterol is not good. I have to watch I eat and drink. No medicine and vitamin was given my Liver and Cholesterol as the Doctor want to treat my Red Blood Cell first and if he was to give me vitamin or medicine for the two, it does mean that i have to eat too many medicine.

And so i have to heed to his advice by watching what i eat and what i drink. The same goes for my uric acid as well. For the Hepatitis B, the doctor has injected me with a vaccine.

Absorbic Acid And Vitbion Forte

For the treatment of my Red Blood Cell, the doctor has given me two medicine. One is Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C and the other is Vitbion Forte. Both os the medicine and vitamin are use to help my body to better absorb nutrient and heal tissues. The Vitbion Forte is specifically use for treating vitamin B deficiencies and hopefully will help increase my red blood cell.

The medicine and vitamin given by the doctor last me about two months, Hopefully by then i am going to be healthy. And I am going to take full blood test again either on May or June. Hopefully, my health condition will improve.

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