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I Have A Black Stools

Last week, I have went and seen the doctor about my blood test result and my current health condition. I have religiously took the supplement that have been given by the doctor, There is still a little bit of pain around my stomach but not to the point until I cannot do any work or task. After a few days, my condition is just the same. But it all change once I enter the toilet to defecate. It was not much but when I poop, the smell of my faeces is really bad it was black in colour.

That got me really worried. Who does not worrid that they have black poop right. There was no major pain whatsoever. I do not have any idea what happened and why i have thos black stools.. So i decided to see the doctor. The doctor ask me a lot of question such as whether i eat any dark coloured food,  or whether i have hemorrhoid. And he even want to stick his finger inside to check whether i have hemorrhoid. All the he ask was whether anything that i ate that could causes black poop. He then ask me to lie down and he push every inch of my stomach, but i still do not feel any pain from his action.

probiotic supplement

Lastly, he decided to give me another supplement for my black stools. He gave me probiotics supplement to help my stomach and my intestines to be healthier. The supplement was to be taken twice a day before breakfast and dinner.

After three days of consuming the supplement, i kinda feel a bit better and i do not feel any discomfort and pain from my stomach. And i have yet to notice any black poop anymore except for dark brown stools. Hopefully that was the last time i will see any black stools.

I also have been watching what i ate. More fiber, less meat and oily food, no spicy and heaty food. Hopefully i am going to healthy like i used to be from now on.

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