First Blog Post

Well, i have finally be able to write my first post. I have been busy editing the blog here and there and it is really difficult for me. When you have left the blogosphere for a few years, changes will happen of which you are unaware.

Different interface, different style and different way of doing things. This has confused me for the past week when trying to do the same thing that i have done in the past upon starting a new blog. But its different now. Most of the thing that i have known in the past have either gone out of service, or they offer different type of service.

It seems i have to learn and relearn new stuff now. It was totally different in the past. To say its better, i don’t really think so. But it is much simpler and easier though. Now, its a different ball game. You have to do things differently now especially after the existence of social media. You just have to integrate both world to make the best of both.

To those who have been continuing blogging or continuing activity related to blogging, i don’t think they have much problem as i did. But for people like me, you just have to work harder. All the people i have seen in the blogosphere in the past have now gone. I think they have left their blogging activity. Maybe due to time constraint, money constraint or maybe blogging does not intrigue them anymore after the existence of social media.

I still believe blogs still have some influence in the internet. Hence why i started blogging again. So welcome to my blog Terabai Dot Com.

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