10 Days In 2020

Its already 10 days into the new year. Yes, its 2020. Most people my age would think that we would be driving a flying car like what was being conveyed during school in the 90’s. Well, matter not, we are still technologically advance than before. We got wifi, we got touch screen phone and a whole lot other thing.

So what have you guys been up to. For me, i been neglecting this blog because i was caught up with other thing in life. And its been almost a year since i started and only have wrote about two article. Bad huh?

Talking about life, it a new year and we all know the “New Year New Me” and with all their new year resolution and the most common one would be going to the gym and lose some weight or gain bigger muscle. Most are unable to continuously follow their new year resolution. Some due to personal problem and reason. Some also just quit for no reason at all. Well that include myself as well.

This year i do not have a specific new year resolution and stress myself to achieve any resolution. I just try to live day by day and just try save more money, learn more about my religion and be more energetic and maybe start to update this blog regularly with good information for all to use as a point of reference. If i can’t give more information at least a little bit of information as a guidance is good enough for me.

So Happy New Year To All Of You.

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